Thursday, July 24, 2008

There goes another one.....

National has released its employment policy. How many more this week?
National leader John Key said his party's industrial relations policy would keep the ERA in place, but introduce a 90 day trial period for firms with fewer than 20 staff.
"Good-faith provisions will still apply, as will rights to sick leave, holidays, and health and safety provisions. Rules of natural justice and human rights legislation will apply. Mediation will be available in disputes, and employers won't be able to hire and fire the same employee every 90 days," Mr Key said.
Nothing much to add to what we haven't said before, including how it helps block Liarbour smear campaigns.


Anonymous said...

Did ya see the gonads on that rat?

I reckon that this is what Winston will look like when stripped of his baubles. Can't wait.

Psycho Milt said...

Can you explain how good-faith bargaining, sick leave, holidays, health and safety provisions, and not being able to hire and fire the same employee every 90 days are "dead rats" that National has to swallow? In what sense are these entirely reasonable features of current employment policy "dead rats?"


I say 'dead rat' because it is a u-turn from the previous ERA.
And with National keeping its 90-day provision, there does seem a reasonable compromise.
However, there does seem to be a trend of National accepting many 'me too' policies from Liarbour.
Individually the policy changes may not seem too bad, and on employment National seems to have adopted a fair and reasonable compromise.
But overall, there seems to be a trend for the party to be accepting Liarbour Policy and letting Helengrad set the agenda.

Anonymous said...

National seems to have adopted a fair and reasonable compromise.

Rubbish!! Employment is a privilege, not a right: that's all the employment legislation needs to say. Not that long ago, Brash's Nats were following ACT with an "at will" employment law: all conditions from the employer, including salary, times of work, etc, are "at will" - can be varied at any time for any reason

Just like the stupid notion of an "unfair dismissal" - there can be no such thing

because employment is not a right. It is me PAYING you, and if I don't want to PAY YOU any more I don't have to; and if I do PAY YOU then YOU have to do what I want.