Wednesday, July 23, 2008

State Housing: another dead rat swallowed by National

Well, National is releasing policy all right, so it is time Liarbour and similar critics shut up!
The National Party has promised to keep at least the existing number of state houses if it wins this year's election.
Policy is pretty much as it is now, except it will restore the right of tenants to buy their state homes, a right Liarbour took away in 1999.
There would be no sales of properties to investors, even to build new housingstock, and the 25% max rule would also stay.
At least we should be speared the smears Liarbour ran in 2005 with fake eviction notices.
National is certainly innoculating itself well, as I guess we will be in for a dirty campaign with scare tactics galore from he truly-named Liarbour Paty.

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Anonymous said...

John Key better be careful.
If he swallows any more dead rats, he will be as big as Gerry Brownlee.