Thursday, July 31, 2008

Spot the 'lying wanker!'

How can he continue?
How can New Zealand allow him top continue?
Dear Leader daren't sack him but that just reflects the corruption ofher regime and the system of government Dear Leader, Liarbour and MMP delivered.
There are more anonymous undeclared donations, fresh controversy from the answers Winnie has provided, who lashes out at his accusers, not just the media.
But it's not Phil Kitchen who is the 'lying wanker' for revealing his exposes.
Since Winnie associates so much with the Liarbour government, with Dear Leader his bosom buddy, it is hard to tell them apart. Perhaps there is more than one lying wanker in government.
Oh, and don't forget Michael Basset' commentary posted earlier by Adolf on Winnie's links to the racing industry, as written by Tony Wall in the Sunday Star-Times.


Anonymous said...

I can understand Clark's reluctance to sack Peters from all his portfolios,but one would think she would at least remove him from the Racing Portfolio (perhaps give him statistics for appearances and give Hughes racing) so that the implicit corruption in that portfolio might cease..........Baxter

jafapete said...

It's Michael Bassett!

Murray said...

You'll never go broke betting on kiwis capacity for taking shit by the look it.

God defend New Zeland, no one else gives a crap.

dad4justice said...

This country is a political cess pit contaminated by moronic - brain dead clowns who think they got style and class , yeah right MADam speaker. Wench !