Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ron Mark for leader

I've just been watching parliament on the internet and was quite impressed by Ron Mark.

Wouldn't he make a suitable replacement leader for New Zealand First? He seems quite capable and quite 'sound' on law and order issues. I am sure we can put his finger insult at Tau Henare behind us.

And if Mark replaced Winnie as leader of New Zealand First, wouldn't that go some way to rehabilitate the party?

And might Mark, as leader of NZ First, be an acceptable coalition partner to National, or even Liarbour should Dear Leader hang on?

I think he could be the saving of New Zealand First.

Of course, whether we want to save NZ First is another issue.


Anonymous said...

Jeez FFM, who in their right mind would want to rehabilitate NZ first, whilst you were watching did the half dead Brown, the increasingly bewildered Jones and that funny looking octogenerian mute female, seem to be a body worth breathing life into? They are a joke and am glad you added the caveat to your post as you did!

Anonymous said...

This mob have stuck with Winston in circumstances in which they had to have known he's an arsehole and incredibly bad for the country.

F%*k 'em.


Anonymous said...

Ron Mark should be in the Nats. Or Act. He's sensible on defense, has some principles, but is handicapped by that cowardly blowhard Winston, who treats NZ First as is personal fief.

Anonymous said...

I have a lot of respect for Ron Mark. Trouble is he has been sullied by the company he keeps.

Toeing the party line is a given, but only up to a point. Someone as decisive as him should have resigned a while back.


Perhaps Mark might find an invite to join National when he is no longer an MP.
Former United Future MP Marc Alexander is now the National Party candidate for Wigram.

Anonymous said...

Ron Mark, like NZ First, should be in political oblivion.

The answer is no.


Anonymous said...

The question is irrelevant. Without Winston's die-hard supporters, NZ First has no more chance of getting over the 5% threshold than I have.