Monday, July 28, 2008

National v ACT

I’ve given some thought over the weekend on why us ‘ACToids’ should be so concerned about National’s move to the centre, or even to the left.

I mean in 2005 we were in despair that the Nats were campaigning in ‘our’ turf and gobbling up ‘our’ vote and we complained bitterly when Hurricane Brash hit.

Now we are all complaining that the Nats aren’t in that space and are giving ACT the room to campaign in it!

Whether this is intentional or not I don’t know. But I think us in ACT have a little soul searching to do if we constantly criticise National for campaigning in the centre!!!

After all, we have wanted this for four years!

This is why I won’t be bagging the Nats for their centrist positions any more. We should be more encouraging of it if we want a strong centre right government.

So no more "me too" criticism from me.


Anonymous said...

My concern is that Act will get (say) 4.9% of the vote, lose Epsom, and Labour will get back in again.

Anonymous said...

Spam if ACT get 4.9% of the vote there is no way in hell they will lose Epsom! There should be no perception of a wasted vote for ACT this time round!

Agree Gooner, but Key publically preferring Winston to ACT as a coalition partner leaves me with very little love for the turncoat tory monkeys!

Anonymous said...

ACT won't lose Epsom.

My only concern with all of this is that if we don't have ACT's policies implemented in this country and implemented soon, by the time my kids grow up and all other kids their age, they will be forced to move offshore if they want even a semi decent quality of life. That is sad, especially since alot of these kids love this country and don't actually want to leave but the socialist looters and destroyers will have left no option.

National moving to the left just leaves a glaring opportunity to point out to people that with labour-lite nothing much will change and that's why a party vote for ACT is needed.

homepaddock said...

Either National or Labour will lead the next government; most of the votes are in the centre and they're the ones most likely to be swayed by Labour's scare tactics about far-right agendas.

I don't like some of the dead rats being swallowed - but National with an on-going programme of tax cuts and some other yet to be announced defining policies has to be better for NZ than three more years of Labour.

Anonymous said...

With a John Ansell lead campaign, focusing on 2 or 3 realistic issues that Kiwis care about, ACT should easily be able to make 25% of the vote.

Frankly, if ACT makes less than 10%, you can kiss any chance of a National government goodbye.

Anonymous said...


Stop worrying. It is a cunning plan to get ACT the party vote. It worked on you right? Me too. How many others? How about every National voter in a safe National electorate?

See my comment over at Lou Grant's "A Fat Centre" post.


Rick said...

Timely reminder, thanks Gooner.

Dave Gee said...

I'm not too bothered about National moving closer to the "centre"... It's Key's attempts to try and "out left Labour" that have me concerned.

To me it shows a lack of conviction in the real core foundations of the National Party. They've always been heavily conservative on social issues, but they're not normally as pro-state-everything as they seem to be now (Muldoon era excepted)...

Anonymous said...

Bill English should be National's leader, he is truly conservative, unlike his running mate. At least Dr Brash had the courage of his convictions, National have now morphed into Labour pink.


Natiional tried Bill English in 2002.
I know thing were different then but 21% was not a success.