Sunday, July 27, 2008

Much a do about nothing as Liarbour prepares for defeat

Bill Ralston thinks Liarbour is preparing to lose.
He notes the increasing demonisation of John Key and every policy announcement by National is viciously attacked as if the party will sell us all into slavery.
Yet, there is scarely an inch between the two parties on so many issues.
"Trapped in the mentality of the 90s, Labour portrays Key as a nasty neo-con Ruth Richardson in a tie. In fact, the National Party of the new millennium is really National-lite.
If Key has a brand it is "Diet Tory". A little bit of free enterprise mixed with a few milligrams of less government spending, but heavily diluted with a commitment to much the same social policies we have become used to over the past decade or so."
Noting National's more positive approach, Ralston concludes:
It is like Labour has looked six months ahead and has already decided it's the opposition - and maybe it is right.
Homepaddock also believes Liarbour is peparing for defeat. Not only is it filling various appointments with its own stooges at the new NZTA, as we reported yesterday, some 96 similar appointments have also been made over the past month.
Hat tip: Homepaddock

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Anonymous said...

It is an outrage thatLiarbore is feathering the nests of its supporters like this.
Werll done to the Herald for failing this but two fingers to the star-Times for failing to take a longer view wehen it could have spotted a most alarming trend of corruption.
69 places for stooges just reeks of corruption.