Saturday, July 26, 2008

Media bias: Follow the money

Interesting editorial from Investors Business Daily.
It helps explain the orgy of psychophancy concerning Democratic presidential candidate, Barack Obama.
It's something No Minister has covered before and it is reflected again this year.
The mainstream media is overwhelmingly Liberal.
This US story notes donations in cash terms to parties, to candidates from journalists.
And the Democrats win by a landslide.
Does this explain how they cover the news?
I wonder how much is similar in New Zealand.
Certainly, as a rightie, I tended to be in a small minority in the newsroom, sometimes a minority of one.
But if the journos, who are meant to be in touch with their readert, to serve them best, to protect and enhance newspaper sales, are overwhelmingly left, doesn't this mean they cannot reflect the interests, wishes and concerns of their readers.
And ultimately, we all suffer, from a media not doing its job, being out of touch and not serving their readers, and ultimately losing sales.
How else is the New York Times losing thes by the thousand, or indeed, our own Sunday Star -Times.
Disclosure: I am not a member of any political party, though I was a member of the UK Conservatives many years ago.

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