Thursday, July 31, 2008

Liarbour, the party of hypocrisy!

Liarbour and New Zealand First are truly made for each other.

Dear Leader and Winston Peters are such fine bedfellows.

Winnie rails against dodgy financing of political parties and indulges in it himself by not declaring various donations.

Michael Cullen and Trevor Mallard slam John Boy for hongi-ing Tame Iti and Mikey boy gives him one today!

Hip,hip,hipocrisy! We have a Liarbour-led government.

When it comes to lies and hipocracy, the 'Liarbour led' government shows that Liarbour leads and others follow. Winnie has just picked up bad habits from Clark, Cullen and co.

David Farrar and Keeping Stock reveal the hypocrital quotes.

UPDATE: Friday's NZ Herald notes the ironies. Liabour lapblog the Standard also joined in as Whale Oil notes.

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