Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Liarbour scandal swept under the carpet until after the election

How very convenient!
But what a handy reminder of the corruption at the heart of Helengrad.
As Winston fends off the 'dark forces' of the Media and Bob Jones, Taito Philip Field has been told he will finally be tried in April.
The former Associate Immigration Minister Taito Philip Field had wanted to 'clear his name' before the election.
But as I said before. We cannot have an eight-week long spectacle, featuring 50 witnesses, detailing all kinds of allegations, plus the potential for more that might embrace alleged corrupt electoral practices in South Auckland.
With the judiciary once more doing Liarbour's bidding, Dear Leader will be pleased.
Yet, another job for the Anti-Corruption Commission once National assumes office.


Anonymous said...

Helen looks lovely here, nice dress. Have you seen the latest Metro out, Phill Goff, Phil Goff, leader Phil Goff.

Anonymous said...

"Field was committed for trial in May after a four week depositions hearing in Manukau District Court"

Justice delayed is justice denied, in this case to both society and the accused. Surely it is time to transform the judicial system so that it does not require 11 months to move from a depositions hearing (that took forever to get to court itself) to a trial. I can predict the transcript now:

QC for prosecution "on the nth day of mmmmonth 2005, what did you say to that fella about the thingy?"

Defendant "I have no idea! Can you remember all your words from that day?"

and so on.

Trial by jury in this country is fast becoming a farce, with courtrooms seemingly used for less than 30 hours per week. This under-use of expensive assetts and waste of court officials' time while they wait for the court tosit!