Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Liarbour lapblogs tread on thin ice

The lefty blogs have been having some fun today- and why not?
Simon Pound guested over at Public Address with a witty piece on John Key having a sex change to help get elected.
Our good friends over at The Standard also joined in the fun.
I guess, for once, they were inspired by the wonderful Fran O'Sullivan, whose comments on John Boy being like 'Helen Clark in drag' were picked up by The Hive.
Are they saying John Boy has no balls?
Considering Dear Leader is widely seen as a less than feminine specimen of womenhood, I feel such comments from the left are perhaps less than wise.
By coincidence, a businessman I interviewed yesterday referred to the PM as 'Uncle Helen.'
But if the left want to cast aspersions on the manliness of John Key, then there is obvously nothing to stop people commenting on the masculinity of Helen Elizabeth Clark!

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