Thursday, July 10, 2008

Liarbour: The Dirty Party!

As the frenzy continues over thuggish 'chick basher' Tony Veitch, another case of violence has coincidentally come to light.
Maori Party candidate Derek Fox has alluded to a violent incident in his past, saying he is now a reformed man.
But here's the interesting bit showing how Liarbour operates operates.
Remember, Derek Fox is standing against Maori Affairs Minister Parekura Horomia.
"It is understood the Labour Party has been planning to make allegations against Mr Fox in the House under parliamentary privilege."
So not only was Liarbour planning to dish the dirt, and the voters probably do need to know, but Liarbour was planning to do so in the one place where it would be safe from libel should it get its facts wrong, just as 'chief campaign strategist' and misstress of muckraking got it so wrong herself, with her smears against John Key.
And funny how they were saving such knowledge for the heat of an election campaign.
Now you could say by his admission, Derek has shot their fox! What else does Liarbour know? What else is it hiding? But by playing dirty, all bets are off , and there is nothing to stop the opposition parties from using any dirt they may have on Liarbour, since that is how Liarbour not only wishes to play, but is already playing!
Hat tip: Hitting Metal for the pledgecard.
UPDATE: David Farrar make this interesting observation: "Now Labour appointed Derek Fox to be Chair of Maori TV. Did they know of this alleged historical violence when they appointed him and only when he then stands against Parekura chose to release it?"


Anonymous said...

Now whether or nor Hell has passed her smear test, the liarbore leader is certainly getting the practice in.
I hope Ian Wishart has something explosive for us to enjoy in the campaiogn.
Perhaps he held back one or two things from the book.
Maybe it could not be proven then and the evidence has turned up more recently.
Or maybe he just wanted to keep something in reserve to have the final satisfaction of bringing her down.
Certainly, after seeing how Liarbore is playing dirty, be it John Key smears or Trevoir Mallard, Liarbore would be getting its just desserts.


Anonymous said...

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