Friday, July 25, 2008

Liarbour Crying Wolf

I take it all back, I was wrong.
Yesterday, I blogged that National's employment policy was another 'dead rat.'
National had accepted Liarbour's agenda, it's Employment Relations ACT, and bar the 90-day period, was a minor, insignificant change to what we have now, which should innoculate it against Liarbour smears.
But oh no! Mallard and the unions, including Andrew Little of the EPMU (pictured), says it will give carte blanche to jackbooted employers to whip and beat their workers, and slash pay and conditions all the same.
It reminds me of the childcare policy announced last week, which was another 'dead rat', another acceptence by National of the Liarbour agenda.
There was the State-run TVONE saying National was eating 'humble pie' by accepting Liarbour policy, but did Liarbour see it that way? Oh no, while trying to brand John Boy 'flip-flop boy' because the 20 hours policy no longer had 'free' in the title, which was a reflection of reality, Liarbour accused National of threatening the policy with charges and rampant privatisation.
I think it all goes to show that whatever National do, even when accepting Liarbour policy lock, stock and barrel, they are still accused of secret agendas, pushing privatisation, attacking workers, etc, etc.
As that is the case, perhaps the case for such 'me too' and 'Liarbour bite' approaches could well be weakened. If it is a matter of 'damned if I do, Damned if I don't', then perhaps National might be better having some 'clear blue water' between it and Liarbour, so there is actually something of substance to argue about.
And we are hardly going to hav the much needed change of the direction of New Zealand if all National is promising is more of the same, but with a different team delivering it.


Anonymous said...

Don't you know?

According to labour and their various media allies, labour good National bad (even when they do exactly the same things!!)



Anonymous said...

'Love Thy Neighbour', so Love Labour. They are people, too. Have mercy.