Thursday, July 31, 2008

Liarbour breaches its bill 13,600 times

There's nothing Liarbour likes better than using taxpayer funds to spread its message.
The State Services Commission has had to remove the words 'Labour-led government' 13,600 from government websites to avoid breaching the Electoral Finance Act.
Meanwhile, as civil servants remove such party spin, Liarbour MP Lynne Pillay has been dishing out stickers with the words 'Labour led' and without any party authorisation messages on.
Just how corrupt can you get?
No wonder Winnie is in bed with Liarbour and Dear Leader stands by her man implicitly.
Hypocrisy, corruption, they go so well together, just like Old Hell and Captain Baubles!
Hopefully this will be the scene at the next Big Gay Out!


ZenTiger said...

Labour Led, or Labour Bled?

I must have misread it.

Anonymous said...

"Helen Clark. We're here to escort you to the opposition benches"