Monday, July 14, 2008

Labour campaigning

While putting ACT's 20 Point Plan into letterboxes yesterday I came across a lot of these pamphlets.

How can any Labour supporter ever justify campaigning (and that's what it is - the Budget was 9 weeks ago) using taxpayers money, which is big money, when they vociferously objected (wrongly) to the other parties being able to "purchase elections". Indeed, one Peter Davis wrote a letter to the Herald on it.

What was the title of that Barry Crump book: Bastards I Have Met?

Thankfully, I haven't met any of these Labour bastards.

You know, the contrast cannot be more stark. ACT, with scant resources working 24hrs around the clock printing off these plans and letters trying to get them into letterboxes using its own money and feet on the ground, versus the cancerous and corrosive Labour Party, using parliamentary resources to print off these pamphlets and taxpayers money to do so.



homepaddock said...

Labour wants state funding of political parties and until they get it by law they'll take it by stealth. Though in this case they're not even being stealthy, it's blatant use of tax payers' money for party political purposes.

Anonymous said...

I thought Liarbore would prefer people forget about the budget.
It was hardly a vote winner, eh!