Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kiwiblog turns 5

David Farrar modestly mentions that Kiwiblog turns 5 today.
We should sit back and realise what an impact Kiwiblog has had on the blogging and political scene today.
Like David admits, he is not the first.
I don't recall NZPundit but as a former full-time technology journalist, Russell Brown was seen as the pioneer of such online commentary in those days.
But time has moved on and David has took the lead with Kiwiblog bestriding the blogging stage like a huge colossos and his blog having a readership akin to a mid-size newspaper and a very influential readership to boot.
David has influenced other blogs to start up, who in turn will have influenced others. Now he is the country's most popular political blogger, judging by the ratings and rankings.
David is also impacting on media coverge and his news, commentary and questioingis increasingly picked up by the mainstream.
Looking back at the Electoral Finance Act it was indeed a campaign led by David Farrar, along with Whale Oil and others that led to the New Zealand Herald to tke its vocal stance and for thousands to take to the streets in protest.
There will be other instances too where Kiwiblog will have led and others followed. Just last week, we saw David offering the questions for the media to ask over Winniegate.
Such impact is also confirmed with David becoming a nationwide figure, a regular face on television and in our newspapers. He is part of the fabric, and now the mainstream of New Zealand.
Indeed, further confirmation cames from imitators, like Kiwiblogblog, a naked attempt to undermine what has been an essential part of media life.
And, finally, much as he won't thank me, I am sure David can also take credit for the formation of The Standard, whose public funding and party/government links David helped expose.
Liarbour, the unions and the left have seen the success of Kiwiblog in helping shape debate, so they had to try and have their own equivalent.
So happy Birthday Kiwiblog and well done David Farrar!


Barnsley Bill said...

And again I ask.
Why are you using a pic of Dr Evil?
Happy birthday David. And happy 6th blog birthday Murray at HMWH a few weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

FFM: It is good to see that your spelling and grammar has improved.

Of course amongst some of the brown-nosing (which is this case is probably deserved), I notice that you are violating your name again. You aren't fair, and ignore facts. I'll concede that you may be getting closer to media (spelling, grammsr, and for a change - an actual storyline).

Neither taxes nor the NZLP have put money into The Standard. That is just one of those little lies that the right likes to have wet dreams over. I'm always appalled by the inability of some on the right to read as well. They always seem to ignore our About page, and think that there is some kind of injustice that the left prefers to cooperate.

But that is ok, I'm sure if you keep trying you can continue dragging down the reputation of your type of tabloid media. Hey - you probably like Fox News and think it reflects reality.

Barnsley Bill said...

Lynn, great comment. Unfortunately it did not really answer the questions everybody keeps asking of your blog.
Now I have no doubt that you personally are just an enthusiastic amateur like most on the right. Your fellow posters at the Standard on the other hand are not. They are paid to blog. They are employees of the state/ govt/ unions and part of their role as employees is to blog at the standard. The verbal contortions that we have seen from your mates to avoid admitting to this are worthy of a Winston Peter's award for obfuscation.