Thursday, July 24, 2008

Key highlights more policies

National is announcing yet more policy, or at least giving enough hints to answer its critics.

John Key said today he will reveal National's tax policy within the first week of the election campaign. And there was some good news on tax.

John Boy says National's tax cuts would be more substantial than that offered by Liarbour and would happen regardless of the economic crisis.

"You will see from us a programme of ongoing personal tax cuts... We have done them, we know what it looks like."

There would be 'minor changes' to KiwiSaver and WFF, a 'streamlining' of the Resource Management Act, followed by a more wider policy later. National's brodband policy would go ahead and was winning business support.

However, while doubting Liarbour could pass its emissions trading bill, Key said it would be a priority for National, with it planning to pass its own scheme in 9 months.

So, good news on tax and planning, a few more dead rats on Kiwisaver and WFF, and disaster on ETA, something National could well oppose and highlight how this sinister piece of government policy will mean higher bills all round and lower living standards for all.

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