Saturday, July 26, 2008

John Boy's up to the job!

The Weekend Herald presents part two of its unauthorised biography of John Key, just putting it online.
Again, I can't say I have read it yet, but what I have seen looks good.
How refreshing to have a would be prime minister who is bright, intelligent and has worked his way up from a state house to being a millionaire.
What a contrast to the dour farmer's daughter from the Waikato who has lived all her life in the public sector.
If John Key can make millions for himself, what can he do for a poor, inpoverished country?
When I had lunch with my mate who worked in public relations yesterday, he commented the Weekend Herald articles will have been all good publicity for John Key and National.
Key will have shown that anyone can make it too, and Key has had 'proper jobs' not living off the public tiot all his life. He too noted Liarbour did not contain anyone who had experience of the private sector.
Whale Oil offers a similar compare and contrast by looking at nine National Party candidates with nine from Liarbour.
It's the same old story. National's men and women, brown, black or white represent a much more diverse New Zealand, capable of understanding the feelings of New Zealand, respresenting the wishes of its voters, because they have experienced it.
The Liarbour lot are mainly white faces from the public sector. Do they know what's its like out there or have they become too cushioned for long?
Of course, life on the public tit can be lucrative. Helen Clark herself, is a millionairess, a landlord and owner of several properties. Hardly the working class sister Liarbour might have us believe!


Anonymous said...

The lefties are having fits over this Herald unauthorised bio.
Wendyl Nissan this morning on ZB was screeching "its advertising, its adverting, how much did it cost National, its not unauthorised, blah blah blah...."

They used to piss me off, now I just laugh at them.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Granny will do a piece on old Hell now?
But secrets remain of her?
Did Ian Wishart find them all?
Is there anything else we don't know.
Perhaps Dear Leader: The Helengrad years could be the title.
Certainly much sleaze to uncolver and stuff about our relative economic decline and much about her decaying and ramshackle legacy.