Monday, July 28, 2008

It's the growth of government Dear Boy!

A story concerning a Trade Me pay survey gives the usual leftist 'rich getting richer, poor getting poorer' angle on a story about salaries.
The website Trade Me notes skilled jobs are paying more and unskilled jobs paying less, which is a fair comment. Upskill yourselves is my suggestion.
But nothing said about the underlying causes why Wellington pays the most and Auckland second.
Well, Wellington has shot up in recent years thanks to the growth of government.
Auckland has always been a reasonable payer.
Indeed, in another story, the Dom-Post also notes life is tough for those who actually add to the Nation's wealth rather than those who feed off it.
Of course, those in Wellington and Auckland may need more money.
For Wellington, for the awful weather and Auckland for its expense and traffic!


Anonymous said...

Who was it that said "the government is expanding to meet the needs of an expanding government"?

Anonymous said...

And the role of government is what government wants it to be?


Clunking Fist said...

Oh get fucked: "For Wellington, for the awful weather" we didn't lose OUR power (I mean the electric of course). So it's cold in winter when a southerly storm hits. Big deal! We only get one or two of those in a winter, and the WHOLE country gets it anyway.

Touchy? Moi?


Clunking Fist said...

And the REAL problem about living in Wellington? Every second person you meet works for the gummint and tends to talk in groupspeak and can't sustain an arguement, other than accusing you and other doubters of a lack of maturity.

My OWN MOTHER included. Stupid woman.


Good to see you are back online Clunking Fist.
We were starting to get worried about you.

Barnsley Bill said...

And he has given us a new insult today.. Twunt. fantastically Anglo Saxon.
your "power" is now owned by a front man for the PRC army Clunking.

Clunking Fist said...

Eh? Twunt is rather ancient AngloSaxon. I'll take the credit, though. :^P It's always good to bring back the good old words.

BB, he's alovely chap.
Well, I have to say that, don't I, else he cuts me electric off.

At least those "nasty" Canadians didn't get a hold of Auckland's lovely airport...

I have mostly been having a school holiday and falling behind in my reading.