Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's all about survival

New Zealand First Party President George Groombridge has promised to get to the bottom of the funding arrangements and donations at New Zealand First.
Not only is that the decent thing, but it helps prepare the party for a post-Winston age.
NZ First needs to see how it can shake off its albatross and make itself more appealing as a coalition partner for any future government.
This could well be a sign, with the NZ First president acknowledging this by making this move. His party would need to be seen as clean again.
She knows he could bring her government down. I am sure over the years , he knows where the bodies are buried. He knows secrets about Dear Leader and the truth behind many of her lies and scandals and that of her government.
That is why she is standing by her man, Winston Ramond Peters. It's not about principle but survival.
Sadly, likewise with John Key. He too knows he may need Winnie to form a government.
Though of course, principle and leadership might have its own rewards.

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Anonymous said...

Indeed, if there is to be a NZ First, it needs to dump Winnie.
Winnie maybe the man behind the organisation but he will cause its demise through his continued corruption and hipocracy.
The party needs to dump him right away.