Saturday, July 19, 2008

A holiday in Takapuna

I was driving to Orewa this afternoon and Newstalk ZB was advertsing a holiday special at the Spencer on Byron Hotel in Takapuna, or Takapuna Beach, as it likes to style itself nowadays.
Now, I never saw the sense in staying in a hotel in a place if you were within driving distance of home.
But maybe with higher fuel prices, even $150 or so per night becomes almost economic. That the thrill of staying in a hotel outweights the cost of stay and makes up for the lack of a journey.
Do we have a new trend here?
In the old days before everyone had cars, Whangaparoa and the Hibiscus Coast used to be a holiday spot for Aucklanders. Then people got cars and were able to drive futher. Then cheap flights arrived and we went to the Pacific and Australia.
But in an age of dear fuel and declining Kiwi wealth, will Takapuna be tops again and the Hibiscus Coast the holiday hotspot for Jaffas?
Well, I did interview the manager of this Warkworth lodge a year ago, and he said his clients did not want to drive so far. These rich had the time just to drive an hour and Warkworth and its bush was different enough to the urban scene of the city for them to get the break they needed.
What do you think?


homepaddock said...

The fun of a holiday without the time and hastle of travel - sounds good to me.


Oh I dunno. I think a change of scene is needed too.