Saturday, July 26, 2008

Help on its way for Winnie!

Condi is in town.
Winston has been dodging the answers.
He lacks credibility, says John Armstrong.
And Granny Herald says this is serious business.
But worse still, Bob Jones contradicts everything Winnie says on national television and accuses him of lying.
Perhaps Winnie's memory is not what it was. He's getting on and all those lates nights in Courtney Place might have been bad for the brain. But as I said, help is at hand. Maybe Winnie should volunteer for the trials as well.


homepaddock said...

Please excuse the shamesless linking but I think we might be looking at the death throes of a political species:


It is not shameless linking.
I might end up cutting and pasting your piece to make the daily quota!

Anonymous said...

Look this country is so bankrupt, there won't be the money to fund winnie's tablets.