Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hear Willy's message

I have always enjoyed Willie Jackson on television so it is a shame to hear he has needed life-saving heart surgery.
But he won't be alone. Heart disease, blood pressure affect many men and not all of them are old.
Earlier this month, a good mate of mine was told by his doctor that he has high blood pressure and high cholestoral. He was at risk of stroke and heart attack and he's only 31!
Now, he is on beta blocker tablets for the rest of his life and he's been told to eat healthily.
And since the tablets don't respond well to alcohol, he's had to give up the booze too.
However, my mate, a maori, has perhaps had enough booze to last several life times and that's before we get onto the drugs, the weed and the cigarettes.
Now, the cigs will soon be the for the chop too, but he might allow himself a little pot as an only pleasure.
Of course, I guess its what happens when you have abused your body for so long.
But there are benefits.
Now, when I go out, my mate won't want to down several pints like he used to, and he won't get arrested for drink driving while borrowing my car, getting it impounded. He can now be my sober driver and all for the price of a coke! I guess there's an element of karma there.
But before I crow, I'm a little overweight and at 40 will need to start taking care of myself too.
Indeed, my dad had his own heart attack (and lived) about five years ago and such ailments do run in the family.
So we should all heed Willy's message and look after ourselves.


PM of NZ said...

Unfortunately, like Willy, myself and no doubt most other males of similar vintage, we remain invincible.

Until a medical near miss occurs. I have been there and have had to change lifestyle.

Gone are the days of 'take two aspirin and naff off' till the next time.

KG said...

"So we should all heed Willy's message and look after ourselves."
yeah yeah yeah....
Another nannying health and lifestyle message?
60+ y/o
Blood pressure, cholesterol etc absolutely normal. Hearing, eyesight normal.Every other testable damn thing--normal.
This, despite a shit diet (when I can be bothered eating at all, that is), smoking 20+ a day for years and years, drinking at least fifteen mugs of coffee a day, each with three spoons of (white) sugar....
So long as a person is physically active and doesn't over-eat I don't believe there's a hell of a lot more they can do to stay healthy.

Stephanie said...

One hearing that my grandfather had an inflamed heart one of my uncles remarked

Is that because the cigarettes ignited all the vodka he guzzles?