Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Glenn buying governments?

How far does the rot of corruption extend within our government?
After Liarbour 'bought' the election of 2005 with money stolen from the taxpayer, we now see how Liarbour's sugar daddy Owen Glenn is buying the Liarbour Party (for which he received an award and a free trade deal with China) and buying Winston Peters (for which he hopes to be made honorary consul of Monaco).
Was it Glenn who also sought to buy off the Maori Party and how deeply is Liarbour enmeshed in his sordid corruption scandal of Kiwi government's for sale?
As the Hive recommends, Just listen to this summary of all the investigations that are needed into one politician - and this was before the information on influence from racing interests became available.
As Whale Oil, The Hive and others say, it is time for a truly independent corruption commission to fully investigate, not only the activities of Winston Peters, but also the activities of the Liarbour Party, its government, Helen Clark and various ministers of recent years.

Hat tip: The Hive

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Anonymous said...

Yes, the left made sio much fuss over the Exclusiove bretheren, when Liarbour has been the recipient of much larger sums.
The EB's wanted to spend only their own money.
They were anti green not pro-anything.
Yet, here we have a clear cut case of cash been given , awards given afterwards, policies seemingly changed and a request for a ministerial posting.
A foreigner is trying to buy our government.
Liarbore is for sale.