Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gang patches

A former top cop and gang expert has come out and said what most of us know: banning gang patches won’t work. He claims Michael Laws is ‘grandstanding’. Surely not!

A more worrying revelation is that he believes cops will get injured enforcing the ban.

But no surprises that Parliament voted 106-13 in favour of the ban at the bill’s first hearing.

You see it’s all about doing something, or anything, rather than the right thing.

Especially in election year.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Yes, you're quite right, Gooner. The coppers would suffer multiple head wounds, inflicted by megaphone wielding gang members.

Anonymous said...

and the right thing is? leave gangsters terrorising small towns? let gangsters run the drugs and protection rackets? let gangsters recruit prospects to continue the criminality? let gangsters flaunt their criminality to impress kids that this is a "cool" lifestyle, and intimidate ordinary people by flaunting that they can't be stopped?

offer a solution why don't you, you are an ex-cop, whats your answer?

Anonymous said...

I’m not getting paid to provide the answers but I note both I and Cam Stokes agree that banning patches won’t work.

What I would do is regulate the drug industry to remove it from gangs; properly resource a gang taskforce/s to spend two years hassling the shit out of them specifically including their money laundering, and this would include hiring ex cops like Cam Stokes to boost numbers; confiscate their motorbikes upon conviction of offences involved using them; provide a sliding scale of legal aid so that if they are a known member of a gang they either don’t get legal aid or after a fifth conviction it becomes very difficult to get it; and finally focus on economic growth and social factors to ensure kids don’t end up on the shitheap.



ZenTiger said...

I wish they would make up their minds. Are Labour allowed to display their logo or not?

Anonymous said...

the only way to "regulate" the drug industry is to legalise it - is that what you meant?

Does anyone really believe that gangs still ride bikes? I think you could be living in the past there gooner, you might get the mothers or the cheeses, and maybe some hells angels, but black power? the mob? the killer bees?

I totally agree about going after the money - chase the bastards down and see them in Court. Not sure witholding legal aid is a good idea, prison already seems to be a branch office for most gangs, but perhaps a 5 strikes and you are out policy?

also agree on the economic growth story - its pretty clear a good job gives a better lifetime income and lifestyle than being a gangster, but this message doesnt seem to be getting through, and being a gangster may be a better lifestyle than sitting in a shithole on the dole.

Clunking Fist said...

This law is as stupid as banning party pills and filament bulbs.

Good on you, Act! (If the report that they voted against is correct.)

And a possible solution? Wear badges that say "Wassup!".
I don't think anyone has thought of that yet...

Anonymous said...

Michael Laws is only asking for this law to apply in Wanganui. Why not give it a try. Leave the Aucklanders and the Auckland cops to continue with the present system if they think they are achieving something. I suspect that Wanganui Police do support the proposal certainly the community does. I also have in the past had experience working as a gang liason officer. The Patch is everything remove it and the confidence slides just as dramatically as Linus in the peanuts cartoon loses his when his blanket is taken.

Anonymous said...

There are two simple changes that will solve this problem once and for all

* the fact that the "victim" of any crime was wearing gang patches or colours, or was dealing in in illegal drugs, should be an absolute defence to any charges of assault, battery, wounding, GBH, manslaughter, up to murder.

I.e. if you're in patches or colours, it's open season!

* for police, this should be "reasonable suspicion" that you are wearing patches, colours or other paraphernalia.

* arm all police

Now it really is simple. See Patch - pull trigger.

What I would do is .... blah blah blah... liberal platitude, liberal platitude, liberal platitude ....

And you would not make the slightest bit of difference. Whereas, in Northern Ireland there are no gangs and no drugs. Because anyone tries anything, the IRA & IVF sort them out - permanently.

Anonymous said...

I quite like it that they wear colors and patches.

Easy to spot and stay away from.

Will any of them be lesser scumbags because they've got their patch tattooed on under their clothes?

Clunking Fist said...

Meanwhile, on planet anon:

the IRA and IVF are deemed not to be gangs...

And in breaking news, a bus full of girls brigade on their way to church parade are shot dead by armed police. "They looked at us funny" said sergent Goatie.