Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Frolics--Winnie and Gordon special

Looking around its true that to of the biggest jokes in politics are Winston Peters in New Zealand and Gordn Brown in Britain, so this week's Friday frolics is dedicated to this gruesome twosome.
First, a joke about Winston Peters and a parachute.
And eventhought the 'why did the chicken cross the road joke is old, it's as fresh today as it ever was, tight down to Winnie's comments on the media.
As I say, the old ones are the best, like this classic.
Little Johnny was in the classroom on a Friday afternoon, and the teacher had a game for the kids. "Okay class. Now I'm going to say a famous quote, and the first person to tell me who said that quote, can have Monday off," said the teacher."
To be, or not to be. That is the question," spoke the teacher.
Little Dun Chop Meow at the front of the class called out, "Shakespeare!"
"Well done!" said the teacher. "You can have Monday off".
"No thank you Miss. I am of Vietnamese origin and it is in our culture to study as hard as we can, so I will be here on Monday studying hard," said little Dun Chop Meow.
"Okay," said the teacher. The next quote is - "I HAD A DREAM!".
Little Fri Som Kat, also at the front, yelled out "Martin Luther King!"
"Well done!" said the teacher. "You can have Monday off!" "No thank you miss. I am of Chinese origin and we also don't take time off school. Education is everything to us, so I will be in on Monday studying hard too," said little Fri Som Kat.
"Okay," said the teacher. Then she heard a voice from the back of the classroom, "F&*^%*g Asians!"
"Who said that?" yelled the teacher in an angry tone.
"Winston Peters!" yelled back little Johnny. "See ya Tuesday."
Meanwhile, in the UK, the Newport City blog has a raft of Gordon Brown jokes.
And remember when I mentioned a new animated British satire show, 'Headcases', which is in the traditional of Spitting Image? Well, here are a few more Gordon Brown sketches.
Gordon's funding problem.
Here, Gordon organises a party.
And, yes, we could not ignore the USA.
Here are the Clintons on the campaign trial.
George Bush has time for one last war.
Or Bob Mugabe, down on the farm.
And again with farm animals.
And reducing the numbers of starving.

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Anonymous said...

Barnsley Bill and all the other Brits should love Headcases.
That Gordon Brown of theirs is a hoot as is Bob Mugabe down on the farm.