Thursday, July 31, 2008

'Forces of Darkness' afoot in New Zealand

Winston Peters says 'the forces of darkness' are out to stop him defending the New Zealand public from privatisation.
After his barmy performances with the media yesterday, we seem to see more evidence of the poodle losing his marbles.
I would say the 'forces of darkness' are standing by him. The chief troll on the ninth floor is believing his every word.
And no doubt while she remains in power, despite the best efforts of Rodney Hide, while there may well be a prima facie case against Peters, it will surely be not in the public interest to prosecute him!


Anonymous said...

I do like Winston's sense of humour though, sardonic and ironic. This is MMP for you, no electorate seat but he is still holding the country to ransom, even now. For great entertainment, look no further than the corrupt politics live and well in NZ!

B.S. said...

I suspect the only forces of darkness are those striving to create the socialist republic of aotearoa.

Anonymous said...

Listening to him in Parliament this afternoon he seemed to become more irrational the longer he talked. ...........Baxter