Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Electoral Finance Act: law for thee but not for me

The Leftist version of the transparent and 'fair' Electoral Finance Act:

Let's register the EPMU as a third party and therefore along with four running mates will be able to spend $600K calling John Key "slippery". This is despite the fact the real slippery one is our mate Winston Peters.

Maybe some journalists could 'promote the issues' via the leftist Sunday Star Times. This might not be so successful though as evidenced by the 2007 local body elections.

Hang on! Why don't we set up a blog and ensure the material for it comes from the Ninth Floor?

If that fails, perhaps we could get the taxpayer to pay for government material that can be distributed without it being declared an election expense?

Or maybe we can get our overseas bagman to give $100K to a trust that pays legal bills for electoral petition lawsuits against our enemy?

Ladies and Gentlemen: Labour gives you electoral law that it says is transparent and 'fair'.

Proudly brought to the Sheeple of Aotearoa by the Coalition for Open Government which has amongst it members the lawyer for the man who spies on people and uses parliamentary information 'owned' by a MP who was a hairs breadth away from becoming Prime Minister, thereby almost creating a massive security breach the likes of which this country has never seen.

Does anything else need to be said?


homepaddock said...

Have you noticed how the Peters debacle is being used to jsutify the EFA? I don't recall anyone saying the previous Act was flawless but replacing it with a flawed Act created mroe problems than it solved.

Barnsley Bill said...

Top post Gooner.

Anonymous said...

And you're surpised by this because?

The mother of all rorts are the Maorimander and MMP

designed by Labour and the Greens to ensure that National can never form another government.

Frankly, the first two acts of any incoming National government (if, somehow, Labour loses, and then actually leaves office)
* ban the Labour party, Green party, Maori party and the unions
* revise the electoral system and funding laws to something democratic, ideally geographic proportionality with a property qualification

Anonymous said...

Excellent commentary there Gooner.
We all know about Winston, but yes, the relationship between the government and the funding of the Sunday Star-Time's so-called business journalist who forever parrots government lines is certainly well worth investigating.
How much is Rod Oram being paid by Helengrad?