Monday, July 28, 2008

Dumping the fool?

Is Dear Leader about to dump Winston Peters?
According to her comments on Breakfast tv, which noted the 'court of public opinion', it appears she might.
But then, as Gooner noted, her radio interview comments, and its all a fuss over nothing.
Does Dear Leader, who was once noted for strong leadership, know whether she is coming or going?
This is ultimately one of those great tests of her leadership and so far, she is failing.
It is no good Guyon Espiner trying to pin down John Key on an answer over the Winston issue, as he tried on Agenda yesterday, if Dear Leader cannot give one either.
Interesting how 'public opinion' only gets a mention when you are 20% down in the polls. It never seemed to matter on issues like the anti-smacking bill, electoral finance bill, etc, etc.
And just one other thing. Interesting how Wayne Peters shows the same evasion tactics as his brother. It must be a Peters family trait.


adamsmith1922 said...

Wayne peters and Bob Jones were on 9 to noon today. I caught a little bit of it. Peters seemed to say that the money given by Jones did go to NZF, but that there was more than one way of achieving that objective, not necessarily by donation.
Surely if the trust paid bills then effectively that was a donation.

I am appalled at how the Peters people seem to think that money given by one party and used to pay another party's bills is not a gift, donation.

Yet many seem to be prepared to allow them to do it.

Further when talking about trusts, K Ryan made a gratuitous remark about the Waitemata Trust when the debate was about Jones, Peters and the Spencer Trust.

Further, the existence of the Waitemata Trust is not a secret unlike the Spencer Trust

Anonymous said...

Never mind dump the fool.
Isn't it time to ditch the bitch!


Clunking Fist said...


to hear Wayne in action on 9tilnoon this morn.

Barnsley Bill said...

So the donation he said he did not ask for and he said did not go to nzf went to a trust he lied about being unaware of did in fact benefit nzf.
Well suck me dry and call me dusty!
What a shock

Anonymous said...

I listened to that RNZ show too. I felt bad for Bob Jones - he seemed quite sensible and was confused as to why Wayne couldn't answer a simple question. Wayne was obviously doing his best weasler impersonation to avoid something. Overall, it was very difficult to listen to him squirming and avoiding simple questions and all the while blaming everyone else for the confusion. Even by the low standards most politicians operate under, Winston and now his brother are reaching a whole new low. It's embarrassing to all of NZ actually not just their own party. Winston needs to be shown the door - just on the hypocrisy factors alone. Who could ever trust anything he stands for again?