Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Don't forget the other scandals and sleaze

With all the controversy over Winston Peters, it's easy to forget the other scandals swirling around Helengrad.
In Parliament yesterday, as well has hearing about incompetences in the police/corrections department, we heard that Mary Ann Thompson was able to 'illegally' obtain visas for her family members.
There are several inquiries into her activities and those of her former department, though not as many as into Winston Peters.
And what has been happening with Hawkes Bay District Health this week?
Now, what was that about Dear Leader promising higher standards of government?


Anonymous said...

Now was it Fairfacts who said this Liarbore government has more 'gates' than the largest frm in New Zealand?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the thought crossed my mind too.
Muchas I enjoying the slimeball Peters getting his comeuppance, it's making Labour look not quite as awful