Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dithering Damsel in Distress Dishes the Dirt

How rich. As National announces its campaigner Steven Joyce will be on the party list, Dear Leader raises the ghost of the discredited Nicky Hagar with her talk of 'Hollow Men.'
What wonderful timing, her comments serving to remind us of her own Hollow Men, her own funding scandal and the 'inconsistencies' and hypocracies of Winston Raymond Peters.
Here she is one minute talking of the court of public opinion, then its much a do about nothing. Will she, won't she will she, won't she? She cannot make up her mind.
Though as Adolf notes, today's Herald Digipoll might help her.
Indeed, so enmeshed in sleaze is Winston Peters, and through association with him, the Liarbour government, it is all getting a little complicated.
Vela family, Owen Glenn, Bob Jones, whatever next? Whoever next?
Thankfully, Bomber over at Tumeke! has a produced nice little diagram to help explain how Winnie's slush funds appear to work.
I am sure such a fine effort is well worthy of copying by the MSM just to help explain it all to the wider populace and hlp us all reveal who truly are the hollow men and women at the moment.
Hat tip: Tumeke! Keeping Stock.


Tim Selwyn said...

Correction: Tim over at Tumeke!

I expect the other media will make a more complicated diagram - as will I - soon. The SFO might have to make one too.

Barnsley Bill said...

Or.. You could stop being a work shy slacker and put up the charts for the lesser mortals Tim..