Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Democrats at war as Obama-philes threaten to kill Clintonistas

While the media reports the ObamaMessiah as walking on water, his flock are less than meek.
They are threatening to kill followers of a mass movement of mainly Hillary supporters aiming to block an Obama presidency.
PUMA stands for Party Unity My Arse and is part of a wider Just Say No Coalition of people opposing an Obama presidency.
And they would rather have John McCain as president than the lefist lightweight sentaor from Illinois.
As the campaign grows, so does opposition to these 'Nobama' people from Obama supporters.
The Hillarysmygirl08 blog reports receiving death threats from them, adding to others suffered by PUMA supporters. The PUMUPac blog is listing them and appealing for peace from the Obama supporters.
The website containing a petition for Obama to publish his birth certificate has been taken down following death threats to the host and his family.
The story of death threats is working its way across the US blogosphere.
Now, apart from AOL newsbloggers such death threats appear not to have made the MSM.
Is the MSM so in love with Obama as much as John McCain claims, forcing the Republicans to release this video, showing how journalists fawn before the ObamaMessiah, that it is ignoring such a disturbing story?


Ackers said...

I think it's a case of McCain's obvious dementia staring to infect the right wing blogsphere FFM.

donnahughs said...

Anyone making death threats in the name of Obama has no idea of what Obama stands for, and should be reported to the police. In fact, I believe they are only claiming some association with him in order to foul his reputation. No thinking person should take their claim of acting for him at face value.