Thursday, July 10, 2008

The court of public opinion

If you do not have your day in court, there is always the court of public opinion.

Not to mention trial by media, and the public declare 'guilty as charged!'

'Chick-basher' Tony Veitch, thanks Whale Oil for the description, has now been suspended from Radio Sport, while TVNZ 'reviews' his future.

Today, Newstalk ZB had little else to discuss, even if after a while, the listeners were getting sick of the subject. But many seemed angry at the way Veitch seems to have tried buying his way out of trouble, with nothing short of a six-figure bribe.

Naturally, he got the Tui treatment, and I expect Veitch will be a figure of ridicule for many weeks to come. If he's not going to be in a public court, we may as well have him sit in the public stocks where we can laught at and throw rotten barbs at him. There again, it's all he deserves, and more. But I guess after a year or two when people have forgotten about the incident, the Chick Basher, subject to suitable mea culpa and atonement, will be able to slip quietly back onto our airwaves. Should he?


Gooner said...

For every willing 'buyer' there is a willing 'seller'. He didn't 'purchase' anything, rather he reached a legal agreement.


Fair enough Gooner.
But now I await the jokes.
Where are they?
I could do with a few Veitch jokes for Friday Frolics.

Anonymous said...

Have you heard about Veitch's new show?
It's called Wheelchair of Fortune