Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Come on John! We need you!

Not Mr Key, yes, we do need, him but John Ansell, who was to campaign for ACT.
Granny Herald today reveals the devisor of the iwi/kiwi billboards and ACT's 20-point plan has quit because he wasn't given enough latitude in campaigning.
"I wanted a mandate to do my job properly but I think I'm regarded as a bit of a troublemaker. In political parties you get 60-odd candidates creating their own personality cults rather than branding the party in a unified way.
"Yet other than Rodney [Hide, the party leader] they've got bugger all chance of winning their electorates. It's nuts and I said as much but couldn't get any traction. So I was trying to lay down the law that it was not about them, it was about the party vote."

John Ansell says he won't campaign for any other party, but John, please change your mind.
The greater good demands it. New Zealand needs librating from the yolk of Helengrad. The socialist dragon in Mt Albert needs slaying. We thought you were the man. Get back to ACT and to those silly ACT candidates, do as John f....ing tells you!
Either way, isn't doesn't sound good for ACT. What should they do?

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Cactus Kate said...

Act has always suffered from 2 things:

1. Blindingly stupid candidates who believe they can actually "win" their electorates.
2. Ad men who think they can "win" the campaign for Act with good ads. Historically the Party has been littered with both 1 and 2

Terrible combination. The 3rd though is by far the funniest....list ranking squabbles over who is 18th or 19th on the list.