Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Businesses face burden of 'green' tape

I was listening to Newstalk ZB yesterday and the issue of Emissions Trading came up.
A guy called 'Keith' had written in and I wondered if it was our good friend KG at Crusader Rabbit. who tonight notes how governments deliberately raise food and fuel prices to combat so-called climate change, while economies are in recession and people suffer.
Anyway, the letter pointed out that Dear Leader's emissions trading scheme would create many, many jobs.
Yes, there would be a need for all these consultants going around businesses advising and charging highly on how they could reduce their carbon footprint.
There would also be jobs for many bureaucrats to oversee that business were implementing carbon reduction policies, there would be site visits from officials to see an organisations's carbon output was what was claimed.
And would all these consultants and bureaucrats, monitoring teams add to New Zealand's producive wealth and output? Hell, no! They would be a burden, a dead weight for us all to support.
Anyway, Crusader Rabbit says it was not he who wrote the letter, but I am sure he will agree with its sentments.
Indeed, as 'Keith' noted, the Emissions Trading Scheme represents 'socialism' in how busineses will increasingly come under the control of the state and its agents.
And all for an emissions trading scheme, which as Whale Oil reported this morning, and we did at the weekend, that few people support, to combat a 'climate change' that also has few believers too.
But yes, let Dear Leader campaign on her ETS that will raise food and fuel prices, while the rest of us focus literally on bread and butter issues.


Simon said...

Nanny state has got to keep rolling along. There is no real end to how Clark and Labor think they can better organize our own lives.

National were polling 22% in 2003 and now 50%. So what the fuck were those 28% thinking back in 2002? Labor is still the same party today as it was in 2002.

Suck it up NZ you voted for it you deserve all the crap Labor has handed out.

Falafulu Fisi said...

Yeah, this government and the Greens are believers & promoters of climate pornography.

KG said...

Am emissions trading scheme has two irresistible lures for governments--money and control.
Which is why National will be a supporter of it as well.
It'll eventually get to the point where we have individual "carbon rationing", which will give governments enormous power and control over every individual. And they'll rake in billions of dollars on the pretext of "saving the planet" at the same time.
What politician or bureaucrat could resist the ultimate prize?

KG said...

I'll forestall the usual "paranoia" slur while I'm here:
Compared to probably everybody here, I'm an old man. And in my lifetime I've seen just about every form of bastardry and duplicity politicians and bureaucrats are capable of. There is no power they won't grab if they're able to, no freedom they regard as inviolate.
Carbon ration cards will be introduced, sooner or later..


KG your fears on individual carbon ration cards are correct.
MPs in Britain have recommended them, even a so-called Conservative!
I wonder if this too will be another Liarbour policy written in Downing Street?

Anonymous said...

Liarbore would no doubt rort such a scheme , giving extra vouchers to its supporters.
But yes, think of all the jobs created by such schemes.
but what about the carbon emissions used by the inspectors as they travelled around the country.
How many thousands of tees would be axed to pay for the leaflets advertising varioustrading policies, options and brochures.
And how many more if we ended up with WW@-style ration books?


WAKE UP said...

Don't forget that we'll need a horde of lightbulb inspectors too.

Hmm - what's a good collective noun for lightbulb inspectors...
a filament?