Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bums on seats

Now, this is hilarious:

Mr Ardern had no idea what was in the policy, [National sources] said. It was known only to leader John Key and his deputy Bill English.

I guess it's either:

1. If your only principle is Gain Power, there's no need for your MPs to have any idea what their party's policies are;


2. Nat MPs are so incompetent they can't be entrusted with the dangerous knowledge of exactly why their party has put their bum on a seat in Parliament;

or both. Me, I'm picking it's actually both.


Anonymous said...

I am told they are not allowed to announce policy as this is to come from Key only. At business breakfasts I have attended the National MP's in attendance could not/would not answer basic questions about policy areas of concern. I find it all a little odd.

Anonymous said...

PM: why was it OK for Helen to do the same day in the late 90s, but not for Key to do now? Hmmmm.....?


JC said...

The EFA was designed to nobble the opposition parties for a year whilst allowing the Labour Coalition to use the bully pulpit of the Public Service over that whole time to put out feel good spin.

However, their EFA Act was so bad it nobbled Labour as well. All it can do is try to use it's remaining time in Parliament to slag off under privilege. Unfortunately for them, that requires that it has some ammo from National to slag off about and that's been denied to them.

Labour has a paucity of cash, political capital and intellectual resources and needs both time and the Public Service to counter National. Each week it loses a little more of each without formal National policy to attack.

Come the election season proper it will have to use it's own wits and resources to attack National.. and I think time will be against them.


Psycho Milt said...

Did she, Mr Tips? This is why we shouldn't vote for the major parties - both have Gain and Retain Power as their only principles.


That is the point PM.
And National is doing very nicely out of it.
But for National it is a damned if I do, damned if I don't issue.
If they announce a policy, they are accused of having a secretive far-right privisation agenda, as shown with the broadcasting policies.
And if National does not issue a policy, they are accused of having a secretive far-right privatisation agenda.
Unless, of course, they announce a policy Liarbour likes, and after a while, the government steals it, which happened to some tax relief policy for charities.
I am sure one of the blogs listed the National policies Liarbour stole.
I am also sure John Boy will release National Policy in good time for the election.

Anonymous said...

Key is proving that by saving policy he is doing the p[ublic a favour by helping deliver the biggest anti-Liarbore landlside imaginable.
Policy will be released in due course.
But it is in the interests of democracy and the health of the New Zealand body poliics that the stench of Helengrad is expunged from our land.