Wednesday, July 9, 2008


If Helen Clark is going to keep firing broadsides at John Key, she really should make sure she has the firepower. It looks to me that so far her cannon balls aren't causing too much damage.

Meanwhile Key is looking more like a leader in waiting.

And Cullen continues to blow plenty of smoke but no cannon balls

Finance Minister Michael Cullen yesterday urged people not to "talk themselves into a recession" and said there had not been anything surprising in the Treasury report.
"We're talking about an economy that's running pretty flat," he told reporters.

Next he'll be telling us that a flat tyre is still fine to drive on because its only flat on the bottom.


The Silent Majority said...

"Businesses are really struggling to make ends meet, New Zealanders are becoming worried about their jobs, house prices are starting to pull back, the supermarket bills are pretty tough."

How refreshing, a politician who empathises with businesses rather than screws them. A far cry from the envious Marxist looters and destroyers we currently have running the country. Let's hope his policies reflect the same values.


Remeber, Dear Leader is the face that scuittled a thousand battleships!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

What a magnificent pictture. Is that Missouri?

Lou Taylor said...

It's the Iowa