Thursday, July 24, 2008

Brace yourself for the weapons of mass distraction

Today's news of Sir Bob Jones , now confirmed by himself, being revealed as anonymous donor to NZ First just confirms the dodginess behind the party and Winston Peters.
What was their founding slogan again? 'Keeping them Honest."
With Winnie lying over that $100,000 and we have the story of the $9995 donations from the Vela family, who are good blokes and very generous too, it's all looking bad for the Foreign Minister.
What else does the Dominion-Post have up its sleeve, or indeed Granny Herald?
But as Dear Leader clings ever tighter to her bosom buddy, the scandals will reflect ever bad on her and her government. How much entertwined are they?
No wonder the weapons of mass distraction are being launched. OneNews last night referred to the funding of 'other parties' in its Winston coverage, and sensing the threat to Liarbour and Dear Leader, guess what? their lapblog, the Standard, is calling for the 'opening up of the trusts.'
It follows other calls this week from Dear Leader for state funding of political parties.
So you watch, as the noose tightens around the necks of Dear Leader and Captain Baubles that the distractions will fly thick and fast, as will the smears and the lies, to take our minds off the corruption at the heart of Helengrad.


Anonymous said...

Lapblog! - nice one

Anonymous said...

Do the people of the left, including NZ First, not realise that all of this shagging around wouldn't be happening without the EFA.

Justice is being done.

mojo said...

"shagging around?' pdm.
One would imagine Sir Robt. Jones' response of wide-eyed innocence to his capital injection indicative of him no longer being enamoured of Winnie ... 'shagging around?' or simply trying to 'screw' him?