Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bloggers lead, media follows on Liarbour's transport 'stooges'

It was Whale Oil, who first alerted me to the story of Liarbour filling the new transport body with party placemen and women, or lickspittles.
He did a fine job of noting their particular qualities too, as did Tim Selwyn over at Tumeke! who seems tired of the endless restructuring.
National's transport spokesman Maurice Williamson has also picked up on the story, which may have originted from original outrage by Aaron Bhatnagar, following the board appointments earlier in the week.
And as well Granny Herald picking up the story today, so we have Kiwiblog.
David Farrar outlines the problems of Liarbour filling public sector jobs with stooges.
He accepts National will would appoint its own suporter to roles, but says the will have more relevent experience than we have seen from Liarbour.
But should John Key maintain yet another Liarbour policy, well, I am open to offers!

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