Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bloggers help tighten noose on Winnie

The Winston Peters funding scandal continues with former NZ First staffer Rex Wilderstrom saying despite what he says, Peters knew about the workings of the Spencer Trust.
And with Bob Jones sticking to his guns, Winnie's recollections once more seem different to everyone else.
Now, last night I happened to be reading the June issue of Investigate, which featured a column from Chris Carter.
If memory serves me right, he was praising bloggers for us looking at news differently from the MSM, making it harder for 'scandals' to be covered up.
Carter wondered if the relationship between the Press Gallery and the politicians was too close and suggested the appearance of bloggers had led this government to be enmeshed more in sleaze than earlier governments, because it can no longer be hidden.
He also noted bloggers contributing original research and their specialist knowledge to political coverage being taken up by the maintream journos.
Indeed, only this week, David Farrar presented a raft of questions for the media to ask Winston Peters. I'm not sure if they did ask him those questions but I am sure they will have found his advice helpful, making Winnie's verbal gymnastics all the more tortuous.
Then the bloggers can check Winnie's other statements and find more evidence of Winnie's , shall we say, inconsistencies.
Today, Cactus Kate offers some impertinent question someone might want to put to Winnie. Now, Cactus is an expert in trusts, so she can put foward questions, that hopefully will be asked by the media, putting Winnieunder greater pressure. It appears Cactus has caught Winnie out again, so let us this leaders to follow-up questions from the journos.
In the meantime, while John Key firmly refuses to rule out Winnie in a future National government, though deploring his behaviour, Winston could well find himself tried by the court of public opinion, as Tony Veith was.
So, thanks to Whale Oil, for this little video, which might help gird the loins of John Boy and Dear Leader in dealing with Winnie, not to mention undermine his position so much, that the voters decide not to put Peters in any position of power ever again.
Hat tip: Kiwiblog, Cactus Kate.

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