Friday, July 11, 2008

Beware of Nicky Hagar!

As a journalist it is important to have reliable sources, sources who get their facts right.
And in an age when depeleted newsrooms don't have the resources to allow such investigation for yourself, you do have to rely more on the work of others.
This is why much media is dominated by media releases from goverment departments and PR people. This holds true even for the most prestigious publications.
And quite often the information comes from people with a barrow to push or an ae to grind.
Its not just bloggers that can get ot wrong as Jafapete did with his comments on Crosby Textor but so did the National Business Review, reports David Farrar.
"Ben Thomas acknowledges that this was his error based in part on a publication by Nicky Hager."
I wonder what the Sunday Star-Times will be saying about Crosby and or Textor this coming weekend?
And will journalists continue to hold Hagar the Horrible in some public esteeem, when his works are tainted , they are poison, and they get you into trouble because Hagar is sometimes wrong.
Might the media revise its view of Ian Wishart instead, and find Absolute Power a more worthy basis for some future story on our Dear Leader, insead of licking her bum as the Herald on Sunday did last Sunday. Still, the piece showed her the negative smearing tart that she is and set a tone for the week.


Lance said...

Nicky Hagar has the cold, dead eyes of a serial killer. Can't you just see him in an orange jumpsuit, pleading insanity on multiple murder charges? 0.o

WAKE UP said...

Sigh - as ever, Hager will have no credibility until he trains his idiot eyes on the Labour party too. (Of course, it'll be no consolation that he'll get it wrong there too, but at least we might give him marks for trying).

Incidentally, it's blindingly clear from Fran O'Sullivan's column today that the police did NOTHING about investigating the theft of Don Brash's emails.