Thursday, July 24, 2008

"Being Suicided" A new trend in China

Earlier in the week, I reported on the growing trend for arrest and torture in Red China, to terrorise the locals into behaving themselves during the Olympics.
Tonight, I saw TVOne promoting a programme showing the government crackdown.
Now, on the evening the Free Trade Deal with China is passed, comes disturbing reports of people 'being suicided' , with the Epoch Times noting that practicioners of Falun Gong are most vulnerable to this once they are arrested.
Other cases, include a missing 15 year-old girl, where again, the police and state authorities are suspected.
How jolly nice that Dear Leader is snuggling up to a country practicing this.
And that's even before we get to the issue of the harvestin of organs, or torture pics like these!


Anonymous said...

While I have little time for the communist Chinese regime, this photo has been photoshopped quite a bit and looks like a montage of different photos. The other photos on the link could possibly be real as they still have public executions in China - those people could have been criminals, but I'm not justifying the means of dealing with them.
The trouble with such obvious photoshopped images is that it undermines the argument against the Chinese regime as they then just make out that it's the 'west' making up stuff to discredit them.

Anonymous said...

The sign in the background says "Danger No Tresspassing" in English.

Another fake photo. So obvious that with this one I didn't even need to have Chinese characters translated to prove it is a fake.

Your one the other day of the two teenage boys being hanged in Teheran was genuine though. Pity you're so obsessed with some of your subjects that you will put up false photos with the real ones -- and you probably can't tell which is which.

Dave Mann said...

I'm not an apologist for the Chinese Communists.... but honestly, what a fucking beat-up that pic is! If anything has been more obviously and hamfistedly faked on Photoshop, then I'll eat my hat.

Why do you put your credibility at risk by publishing such a piece of crap?

Dave Mann said...

hahahaha I notice Poneke had previously said the same thing. I was so worked up at the stupidity of the photo that I failed to read other comments!