Sunday, July 27, 2008

Be nice to Muslims or else!

It wasn't that long ago when muslims set off bombs in London buses and tube stations.
There have been quite a few attempted bombings since, resulting in arrests and trials.
Yet, the UK government declares such terror threats, even though committed by muslims, who usually cite Allah in their deeds, as 'un-islamic activity.'
For it believes Islam is a Religion of Peace.
Brown's government is even funding Islamic organisations to try and foster a less radical religion, though to mixed results.
And what does such politically correct pussy-footing achieve?
Not much. The United Nations has just told the UK government to be nicer to Muslims!
But do Muslims want to be nice to Britain?
It seems not. The Sunday Times today revealed a poll saying almost a third of muslim students support killing in he name of Islam and 40% want to see UK law adopting sharia codes. And these are meant to be the educated muslims!
It is good to see other bloggers like Adam Smith of the Inquiring Mind noting the great problem Britain has with this most intolerant of religions.
Such fears of Islam, it seems are growing ever more widespread. But the UK government is indeed cracking down on those who speak out agains Islam, as the UN instructs.
UK blogger Lionheart is taking a break from blogging after being arrested for his blog allegedly spreading racial hatred. Thanks to Crusader Rabbit, you can read his story.
Well, some other bloggers out there think I'm a little obsessed about Islam. But it's a battle for freedom too. A battle to protect our own way of life. A battle even to safeguard our own lives.
Hat tip: The Inquiring Mind, Crusader Rabbit.


KG said...

Thanks for the link, Fairfacts.
It seems unbelievable that there are still people who refuse to recognise the threat. Perhaps it has to bite 'em on the ass before they'll wake up?

Barnsley Bill said...

KG, the brits have been bitten on the arse repeatedly and they still have not learnt. Mere mention of Enoch Powells eponymous speech "rivers of blood" is enough to start the self loathing whitey onanists screeching about racism. I challenge any of therm to read and try and tear it down.
It is a scarily accurate description of modern britain written decades ago.

Anonymous said...

No you are not obsessed with Islam at all, just stating the facts. After I had spent hundreds of hours reading about the extent to which this political ideology had "infiltrated" Eurabia, and the people, institutions, political ideologies, attitudes and laws that are facilitating this transformation in Europe, my first thought was for my daughter (and all young girls of this generation) My thought was of the women in the past who had fought for our freedoms and the sudden realisation that we have to be so vigilant and we can't take them for granted.

And yes, alot of people say "But I know many Muslims and they are lovely, peace loving people".They are. They are not practicing pure Islam. The socio/political movement of Islam that is growing in Europe is orthodox, classical Islam that demands the literal interpretation of the Koran and the Hadiths and that seeks to supplant the rule of law of western democracies with the Shar'ia. They support the gradual perpetuation and domination of Islam throughout the world and use our freedoms to gradually Islamize our societies.The reason I care about this is only because they have said on many occasions (and their actions prove their threats) that they want to impose their socio/political system on "The West". The West, and all we stand for belongs to me, and you, and to your children and grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Of course all of this may never happen. But, as a parent of a daughter, I am sure as hell going to keep a watching eye on this potential threat to her freedom. I'll be damned if her or one day my great granddaughter, will be forced to wear a burkha!

KG said...

Which is why CR has a link to Enoch Powell's speech on the front page, BB. ;-) Mind, he got crucified for simply telling the truth...
Silent, You have to ask why the Saudis have spent countless billions of dollars on the islamic project, if not to aid the islamisation of Europe. Their funding of mosgue construction in Europe alone runs into billions.