Friday, July 25, 2008

Are you driving slower too?

This morning I had an 11am meeting in Manukau.
But after leaving Silverdale just after 10am Iwas keen to race along the motorway at a steady 120kmh to ensure getting there on time.
However, even the bigger cars, V6s and the like, were hogging 'the fast lane' and doing a steady 90-100kmh, so I couldn't
Is it to save fuel? I wonder.
Well, maybe Adolf is also right about traffic volumes too. It was free-flowing all the way, even through the city, so I still made my meeting with time to spare.
But what a pain in the arse driving around Manukau is. Too much stop-start at one set of lights after another.
Its the same driving to see Whale Oil in Howick.
Whoever designed Manukau City Council's road network should be shot!


homepaddock said...

In any other countries in which I've driven cars have to be in the left lanes (or right for those who drive on the left hand side) unless they're overtaking.

Psycho Milt said...

...hogging 'the fast lane' and doing a steady 90-100kmh...

No need to wonder - it's because New Zealanders are generally crap drivers with no thought for anyone on the road but themselves.

Unknown said...

I live and work in Manukau - and agree about the lights!!

Next time you're down this way, I'll buy you lunch... Just to make up for the traffic.

Anonymous said...

Some cars will be more economical at 110 km/hr. And around town I always drive at about 60 km/hr. No, I just do it to save money, not to save the planet from getting more of that good CO2.