Monday, July 28, 2008

And you wondered why there have been no blogs?

$2.40 connection fee, $0.40 per minute for dial up about a mile's walk from Adolf's tropical haven.

Arrived home from Fiji last night and crashed. Woken at 0630 by oldest daughter phoning to tell The Cook that contractions had started.

Found The Cook's car had immobilized itself due to the handbrake being on for ten days. The discs had rusted onto the drums for God's sake!! Can you believe it? Do they tell you when you buy a new car "Now whatever you do, don't leave this little marvel of mechanical perfection sitting around with the hand brake on or you'll have to get it towed to the dealership so that they can dismantle the brake assembly."

I kid you not!

Oh yeah, and the 91 year old aunt died while Adolf was away.

What's the betting the Bilious Bitch drops the axe tomorrow?

Naaaah. Don't think so.


Keeping Stock said...

Welcome back to civilisation Adolf - trust that you and The Cook are suiy=tably rested and refreshed!

Barnsley Bill said...

And hanover went bang while you were away


Good to have you back Adolf.
I think Dear Leader will drop the axe.
On her foot!
The cowardly cow will lack the courage to weild it.