Saturday, July 26, 2008

All quiet on the leftist front

Maybe the stories are true.
The Standard is funded by the taxpayer.
It is run from Dear Leader's ninth floor!
Either way, it certainly seems a 9-5 operation, Monday to Friday.
They haven't posted today.
Talk about 'Gliding On.'
Neither have many on the left.
On our blogroll just the Dim-Post and the Hand Mirror have had something to say today, as of 6pm.
So unlike those bloggers on the right, who have found it hard to shut up.
Now, I've just checked with Frogblog and Frog came out of hibernation at 4.42pm, which must merit their inclusion on our blogroll, PM.
Of course, before I say lazy, lazy lefties!, maybe the left are nocturnal creatures.
They might start posting this evening.
I wonder if they will still be asleep tomorrow!


Stephanie said...

I generally write my posts at night but schedule them to appear during the weekday-daytime based on the fact that this is when I get the most traffic.

No matter in having posts appear on the weekend for next no hits.

Barnsley Bill said...

The standard rarely work at the weekend FF. It is a phenomenon I first noticed a few months ago. As public servants and paid union staff there is probably no reason for them to be on the ninth floor or at the union offices in the evenings or weekends. And even sith cannot work 24/7 so the talking points probably only start to come in during work day mornings.
In fact the only person who seems to be active at the Labour sponsored blog is "scotty" prentice who toils manfully to keep his database cleansed of comments that do not fit his view of the world.
The continual dismissals of the peter's crisis as a "media beat up" has become comical.
The good news for us though is that when Clark eventually decides to rid herself of Luigi we can expect the standard to float the idea first. Thus giving us a clue as to the method and timing of his demise.

Anonymous said...

Which one is Steve Pierson?
Which one is Tane?
Which one is Lynn Prentice?


Anonymous said...

Do they suck blood as well?

Barnsley Bill said...

The bat at the front cannot be a lefty..
look at the size of it's plums!