Friday, July 11, 2008

All aboard the gravy train

There was Trevor Mallard this morning defending the growth of waste and bureaucracy within government, as Lou noted.
But Duckman never lets the truth get in the way of agood story, like he did with his American bagmen allegations.
Now, Bernard Hickey, the patron Saint of Taxpayers digs deeper and uncovers government salaries growing faster than others.
The average number of hours worked by government administrators fell to 34.5 hours a week in March 2008 from 36 hours in December 2004.
Meanwhile, the broader workforce’s average weekly number of hours worked rose to 30.3 hours from 28.5 hours.
Bureaucrats’ average wage per hour rose 18.7% to NZ$30.93 per hour in March 2008 from NZ$26.06 per hour in December 2004, while private sector wages rose 16.8% to NZ$23.66 an hour from NZ$20.25.
That means the bureaucrats’ premium over the rest of us has risen from 28.6% to 30.7% between December 2004 and March 2008.
To sum it all up then. The government has employed 16% more bureaucrats in Wellington in the last four years and has paid them 18% more per hour to work there. It has asked them to work 1.5 hours less a week.
Meanwhile the rest of us are working 1.8 hours a week longer than we used to and our wages have fallen further behind those of the bureaucrats.
And everyone wonders why the economy has an inflation problem, a productivity problem and our interest rates are too high.

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