Friday, June 27, 2008

Yet more Liarbour corruption

Barely a day passes without a reminder of Liarbour's corruption and dodgy dealings, unless they are just amazingly incompetent!
Yesterday was Baygate and today we return to the Department of Immigration and the Mary Ann Thompson saga.
The saga over former immigration head Mary-Anne Thompson could cause further strife for the Government after the Auditor-General said he was considering splitting his inquiry to allow the earlier release of aspects in which ministers are involved.
Kevin Brady told a select committee this week he was considering splitting a broad-ranging inquiry into the immigration service, and how issues around the granting of residency to relatives of Ms Thompson were handled.
He said it was possible aspects which included the role Government ministers played would be addressed first.
Mr Brady indicated ministers will undergo interviews under oath when they are questioned about what they knew of the matter and how they had responded
And in what is another blow for Golden Boy:
The scope of the Auditor-General's report will cover at least three ministers, including former and current immigration ministers David Cunliffe and Clayton Cosgrove, and State Services Minister David Parker.
He's not having a good week is our Mr Cunliffe, eh!


Anonymous said...

This shows why an independent commission against corruption - as found in all Australian states, and even in the EU - is absolutely required in NZ.

And why that commissioner needs to have plenipotentiary powers: on the basis of this
prima facie case, to remove those "minsiters"
from their portfolios and from parliament,
and to jail them pending the full inquiry.

Clunking Fist said...

"and even in the EU"...

..and that's why these commissions are refered to as "window dressing".

For the last 13 years, no auditor has put his (or her) signature to the accounts of the mighty EU.

I mean, if our POLICE don't seem free of political interference, what hope a commission set up by politicians?