Sunday, June 22, 2008

A wager anyone?

Found this item on Xtra this morning:

For those disinclined to follow the link, the last paragraph reads," Constable Peter Mitchell of the Strategic Traffic Unit said police had yet to make a decision on whether to charge Mr Murray or the alleged boyracer, or both."

I have a small donation of $20.00 to the first respectable charity of anyone's choice that Mr. Murray will be charged and he will be found guilty. Can't have the citizenry acting for themselves can we?
What will also be of interest is whether he will receive legal aid to the value that this bloke did.



KG said...

The poor bloody residents put up with this shite for years, despite the fact that police could charge the boy racers with several offences, and when a citizen finally snaps and does something the cops may charge him.
Meanwhile, no questions being asked about why the boys in blue don't simply do the effing job they're paid for--protecting the public.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile boy-racers with no regard for the safety of others kill and maim in Christchurch I see this weekend. What will happen to them I wonder? A slap on the wrist from the courts, and they will be back behind the wheel license or not probably. I've seen this first hand, these pricks don't give a shit.

Dave Mann said...

Judging by all the recent bullshit and various examples of inaction by the forces of 'law and order' in this country, it seems that the main mission statement of the Police has been subtly changed from protecting the public from criminals, to 'safeguarding the civil rights of lawnreakers and scum'.

There WAS a time when the local cop would have simply sorted these pricks out himself unaided... but nowadays of course the local cop is likely to be a little blonde copette sitting in an office somewhere 30kms away with relevant qualifications in cultural walfare but nothing else.