Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The unsustainability of sustainability

There is much mockery of Energy Minister David Parker and the advertising campaign for the crisis he says does not exist!
Even so, we are being told to economise and that beer fridges are the enemy.
Anyway, Colin Espiner has blogged about the government being pushed into handling a crisis it didn't believe existed.
After deliciously poking fun at some of the many inconsistencies of the minister, Colin makes some telling points at the end.
"The thing that disturbs me about this comment (about hydro lakes) is that we’re less reliant on hydro power than we used to be. Fast forward ten years. I can almost hear whoever is Energy Minister saying: “You can’t have a wind-based electricity system and still have enough electricity to run everything flat tack in a really calm year.”
Yup. That’s why the rest of the developed world still burns coal and oil, or has nuclear power. You can’t rely on a network dependent on rain and wind - even in Wellington.
Was it really only a few months ago that the Government was promising to make New Zealand 95 per cent dependent on renewable energy?
Now Huntly’s running full tilt and we’re cheering on Mighty River Power to get its new gas-fired plant up and running as soon as possible.
Renewable energy’s fantastic until someone threatens to pull the plug."


Clunking Fist said...

"Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority monitoring and research manager Robert Tromop said with 1.8 fridges per household, many people had one fridge too many."

Get fucked, you Nationalist Socialist. I'll have as many fridges (3) as I'm able and willing to pay for. Same for the number of cars.
Has it occured to you that folk buy bulk on special and then freeze stuff? Oh I know you want us all to take our string bag, on a daily basis, down to the farmers market and buy fresh produce delivered on a cart pulled by a horse.
And I certainly won't be switching the computer or tv decoder off: the reboot time when you switch on is too long, and every reboot shortens the life of your motherboard, mofo.

Clunking Fist said...

- Wash dishes in the sink rather than the dishwasher.

Mmmm, but that runs counter to water conservation. I bought a dishwasher precisely cos the WCC had "dishwasher" on it's list of ways to save water.
Um, and you waste a lot of energy pulling hot water through cold pipes to the kitchen sink. I suspect there is NO power saved by hand washing dishes: you have to leave the lights on, for a start. At least the dishwasher can run through the night when folk have turned down their heating and gone to bed.
Spell "numnah" you freaking numbnuts.