Sunday, June 29, 2008

The ultimate Nanny State

Dear Leader has long admired Sweden, so what's happening over there?
A kid handed out party invites in class and had them confiscated for not inviting two troublemakers. Apparantly their fellings were hurt, it wasn't fair, so Nanny state stepped in.
Kids are even complaining to the state that their parents spend too much time online, often looking at porn!
Elsewhere, in Canada, parents must be careful on how they punish their children. Never mind smacking, but even grounding them can be unlawful and your naughty 12-year-old might get the punishment overturned in court.
As we wonder whether such nonsense, such undermining of parental rights, might happen in New Zealand, think what Liarbour might bring should it win a fourth term. The smacking ban might just be the start of it!
Now, what did happen to the Dear Leader appointed Cindy Kiro and her plans to monitor all the country's children?


Oswald Bastable said...

Remind me again- who actually won WWII?

Anonymous said...

One of the most significant issues is who is boss in your own home.
What we have seen is the state increasinglky stepping in with its smacking ban.
And now we see how the state plans to intrude further.
yes, what does Liarbore have up its sleeve for a fourth term.
The state won't make better parents, if it does it will be a first.
For on just about everything it has a record of failure, especially under this government.